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This company is no more in our data base.

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29 x 7.60 m
built 2008

boat/week: 7,490-15,740 €
Aegean Sea, Turkish Riviera
23.04 x 5.60 m
built 2018

boat/week: 28,200-41,200 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands
20.12 x 5.49 m
built 2010

boat/week: 9,000-13,000 €
Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea
8.60 x 2.85 m
built 1990

boat/week: 400-500 €
Turkish Riviera
15.40 x 4.75 m
built 2017

boat/week: 3,900-6,425 €
Balearic Islands, Ibiza
14.99 x 4.85 m
built 2004

boat/week: 1,995-2,785 €
14.99 x 4.41 m
built 2016

boat/week: 5,500-8,600 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands
11 x 4.20 m
built 2020

boat/week: 1,100-1,885 €
Meuse River, Maasplassen
10.30 x 3.50 m
built 2018

boat/week: 1,850-3,990 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands
12.94 x 6.90 m
built 2017

boat/week: 4,090-9,890 €
Caribbean Islands, Virgin Islands
35 x 7 m
built 1998

boat/week: 14,850-18,700 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands
13.65 x 4.20 m
built 2007

boat/week: 1,110-2,400 €
Lakes of Mecklenburg, Havel River
8.60 x 2.98 m
built 2020

boat/week: 1,790-2,740 €
Adriatic Sea, Dalmatia
17.20 x 5.20 m
built 2019

boat/week: 6,200-11,400 €
Aegean Sea, Dodecanese
6.60 m
built 2018

boat/week: 890-1,500 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands
15 x 5.80 m
built 2018

boat/week: 990-2,290 €
Baltic Sea, Ruegen
5 x 2.20 m
built 2016

boat/day: 190-220 €
Balearic Islands, Majorca
7.80 x 2.60 m
built 2018

boat/week: 1,190-1,980 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands
13.85 x 4.49 m
built 2019

boat/week: 2,750-5,350 €
Costa Brava, Mediterranean Sea
13 x 4 m
built 2007

boat/week: 1,000-2,000 €
Mueritz, Lakes of Mecklenburg
13.40 x 4.10 m
built 2001

boat/week: 1,999 €
Havel River, Berlin, Brandenburg
Happycharter is the international internet portal for yacht charter, boat rental and boats for rent worldwide. In our data base are sailboats, powerboats and catamarans from various providers - the offer of charter yachts is so concentrated on one place. A charter customer needs not to search on thousands of web sites, he finds the suitable boat for his boating holiday with us. And if you want to book and rent the yacht you found here? You can contact the boat owner directly.
Yacht charter and boat rental is easy with Happycharter!

Charter boats with discounts

14.27 x 4.35 m
built 2010

Up to 10% discount
Aegean Sea, Dodecanese
14.04 m
built 2020

Up to 10% discount
Aegean Sea, Cyclades
12.33 x 6.59 m
built 2020

Up to 10% discount
Aegean Sea, Cyclades
9.53 x 2.99 m
built 2020

Up to 10% discount
Balearic Islands
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Boat charter - yachts with video

12.85 x 4.30 m
built 2016

boat/week: 2,280-3,360 €
Belgian canals, Meuse River

16 x 3.96 m
built 1982

boat/week: 3,250-4,250 €
Corsica, Mediterranean Sea

9.50 x 3.30 m
built 1992

boat/week: 690-930 €
Baltic Sea, Bay of Kiel

6.23 x 2.44 m
built 2018

boat/week: 700-1,400 €
Adriatic Sea, Kornati Islands

SeaHelp charter pass

A must-have for charter customers: The SeaHelp charter pass

When chartering a boat or a yacht, the intention is to enjoy one or two weeks of an easygoing holiday on the water. And however reliable the charter company may be, you are never beyond technical breakdowns. But even temporary shipmasters will find their bearings at the first attempt with the unfamiliar conditions aboard, and the more so as it is quite difficult to come to terms with the multitude of information which will come down on the "short-term owner". And then, when an incident onboard actually happens, swift and competent assistance is appreciated in order not to lose a single day of the precious holidays. Here, the SeaHelp charter pass is most helpful. A complete SeaHelp membership during 14 days can be acquired for just 75 Euros. The free service includes: towing of boats, delivery of spare parts, start-up aid, fuel service, clearing the propeller from mooring ropes, towing free during slight grounding, passenger transport, weather information and the popular customer magazine "SeaMagazine" as well as special concessions with our SeaHelp benefits partners. www.sea-help.eu

SmartYacht Clubmitgliedschaft

Join the SmartYacht Club Membership for unlimited yachting pleasure around the globe!

Join the SmartYacht Club and enjoy yachting pleasure on various motor yachts in the Med and several other hot spots around the globe at unbeatable prices! The existing yachts we manage are only partially used by their owners and available for Club members for only a cost contribution to their operational costs. You may acquire a local membership for a particular region and yacht category or - with the Top 100 World Membership – access to all yachts in the fleet globally and experience pure yachting pleasure for up to 6 weeks per year in a 3 years membership. Reservations can be made flexibly, quickly and easily via our online system. Simply choose the category which best corresponds to your needs and reserve your membership within our exclusive contingent.

Do you offer yacht charter, boat rental and boats for rent by yourself? Would you like to present your charter boats and charter yachts with us? It does not matter if it is a bareboat or crewed boat. Sign up with Happycharter as a yacht charter company and put your charter yachts in our boat rental data base. Your prospective customers, who want to rent your charter boat or charter yacht, will contact you directly.

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