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Presentation of your charter boats on Happycharter

Happycharter is not an agency. We are an independent internet platform for yacht charter and boat rentals. About 550 Yacht charter companies trust our service and present yachts here more than 7,000. The contact details of each charter company are displayed and customer inquiries are sent directly to the company offering the boat. Happycharter does not earn any commissions.

Testing period free of charge for 4 months!

Prices for boats for rent (after the testing period)
Number of boats
Price /month
Price / year
2 - 3
4 - 5
6 - 7
8 - 10
11 - 15
16 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 40
41 - 60
61 - 80
81 - 120
121 - 160
161 - 200
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Prices in euro, plus VAT
You can pay for the whole year only.

In price is included:
Advertising your boats in our website in 12 languages.
Optimal presentation of your boats with almost unlimited number of pictures.
Presentation of your company from first edited boat on.
Comprehensive options to administrate your boats and customers online (CRM).
Sending of client requests directly to you. Thus enabling direct contact between you and the prospective buyer.
A facility to display your boats from our system into your own web site, via iframe, Wordpress plug-in or API.
Personalised support.

Highlighting of a charter boat (top hit)

Would you like to have your boat at the first place if a charter customer searches for boats in a certain region, country, water area or port?

You can book a top hit at the first place!

Type of the area
Price per month and kind of the boat
Country, eg. Spain, Netherlands…
Region, eg. Mediterranean Sea, Inland water…
Water area, eg. Adria, Friesland…
Port, eg. Split, Rostock…
Prices in euro, plus VAT
The min. booking period is 3 months.

Banners / other advertising

Banner at the top of the right side (160x100 px) 200.00 €/month
Banner at the right side below small banners (160x600 px) 350.00 €/month
Boat on the starting page 50.00 €/month
Banner on the starting page (728x90 px) 50.00 €/month
Banner in search results on 5th or 10th position (728x90 px) 220.00 €/month
Banner at the bottom of the results list above the pagination (812x210 px) 450.00 €/month
Advertising in the boat details view, next to "Advertising / service" (336x280 px) 590.00 €/month*
Advertising in the boat details view, above similar boats at the foot of the page (728x90 px) 290.00 €/month*
Advertising "last picture" in boat pictures in the boat details view 790.00 €/month*
* In the boat details view, products are excluded that compete with those offered by Happycharter or Yachtall customers.

Social media

Facebook: Post a boat incl. text, image and tag 30.00 €
Facebook: Sharing a boat related post 100.00 €
Facebook: Sharing a post not related to boats 200.00 €
Facebook: Create individual post according to customer specifications (e.g. text, images or videos) 250.00 €
Instagram: Post a boat incl. text, image and tag 20.00 €
Instagram + Facebook: Post a boat incl. text, image and tag 40.00 €
Instagram: Create an individual post according to customer specifications (e.g. text, pictures or videos) 100.00 €

You can find the current number of followers here: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/happycharter and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/happycharter_yachtino

Advertising in our newsletter

Your company presentation in the newsletter (3-4 sentences + up to 4 boats). Can only be booked once a year. 240.00 €
Exclusive newsletter (In this case the newsletter is sent exclusively for you, with your content only.) 1,790.00 €
Displaying one boat in the newsletter 60.00 €

The Happycharter newsletter has over 92,000 recipients and we are sending it in German and English (German approx. 58,000 and English approx. 34,000). In total, we have over 187,000 current email addresses in different languages and groups. We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your target group.

Print / magazines

For print advertisements we recommend the magazine Skipper / Bootshandel. The current prices and media data can be found here: Media data (PDF)

No gambling, no erotic, ...
We reserve the right to reject customers and advertising without giving reasons.