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Lagoon 400

Sailboat / sailing catamaran, bareboat, Lagoon
Length x beam: 11.97 m x 7.25 m, 11.97 x 7.25 m built: 2011, cabins: 4
boat/week: 2,499-4,390 €
Charter area: Baltic Sea, Bornholm, Szczecin Lagoon, Ruegen ...
Charter country: Germany, port: Lauterbach (Rügen)
Send request Company: Katamaran Lagoon 400 SEAL
boat/week: 2,499-4,390 €
week charter
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einer der wenigen Kats in der Ostsee

Nautor's Swan 55/013

Sailboat / sloop, bareboat or with skipper, Nautor's Swan
Length x beam: 16.65 m x 4.33 m, 16.65 x 4.33 m built: 1972, cabins: 4
boat/week: 4,590 €
Charter area: Baltic Sea, Bornholm, Ruegen
Charter country: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, port: Gudhjem, no fixed port
Send request Company: Swansailing-Yachtcharter
boat/week: 4,590 €
week charter, berth charter
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Charteryacht Swan 55 auf der Ostsee ab Bornholm, für bequemes und sicheres See-Segeln in den Revieren Ostsee, Nordsee und Nord-Atlantik Eine wirkliche "go-anywhere" Yacht. Teilnehmerin am Whitbrtead-Round-the-World -Race 1981/1982

Bénéteau Cyclades 50.5

Sailboat / sloop, with skipper, Bénéteau
Length x beam: 16 m x 5 m, 16 x 5 m built: 2007, cabins: 6
boat/day: 999 €, boat/week: 6,666 €
Charter area: Baltic Sea, Bornholm, Aegean Sea, Ruegen ...
Charter country: Germany, Greece, port: Stralsund, Athens, no fixed port
Send request Company: SY AHAB Stralsund
boat/day: 999 €, boat/week: 6,666 €
week charter, day charter, weekend charter, short week charter, berth charter, cabin charter
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Sailing for groups and singles, no extra cash, all incl sailing vacation Baltic Sea, Mediterranean, with skipper + hostess (until 2022 Baltic, from 2023 Mediterranean) Family-friendly, individual, no risk. You sail, we take care for the rest

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