Joker Boat Clubman 28 в аренду - Сукосан - РИБ (жёстко-надувная лодка) чартер

Лодка 2x200 Mercury V6 на прокат - аренда яхт в Далмации
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Joker Boat Clubman 28
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 2
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 3
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 4
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 5
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 6
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 7
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 8
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 9
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 10
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Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 1
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 2
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 3
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 4
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 5
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 6
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 7
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 8
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 9
Joker Boat Clubman 28 - фото 10

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Описание +
The Joker Boat Clubman 28 is the perfect boat for enjoying leisure time at sea due to its functionality, sunbathing areas, and equipment. The deep V hull shape (24' stern angle) provides stability and performance, the boat glides smoothly through the waves and is balanced to absorb shock as insensibly as possible. Both the bow and stern of the boat are spacious and fully upholstered. The console is large and transparent, a 9-inch Simrad plotter takes care of... весь текст
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Данные лодки +
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Данные лодки Joker Boat Clubman 28

ИНН лодки:
Название лодки:
2x200 Mercury V6
Joker Boat Clubman 28
Тип лодки:
надувная лодка
Категория лодки:
РИБ (жёстко-надувная лодка)
Год постройки:
Материал корпуса:
И прочее:
лицензия небходима

Технические данные

8,50 м (27,9 футов)
3,15 м
Число туалетов:
около 2.400 кг
Мощность мотора:
2 x 200 л.с. (147 кВт)
подвесной двигатель
Макс. скорость:
51 кп
Расход при макс. скорости:
100 л/час
Скорость круиза:
30 кп
Крейс. расход:
45 л/час
Топливный бак:
400 л
Бак для пресной воды:
120 л
Сточная цистерна:
40 л
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Чартерная информация+

РИБ (жёстко-надувная лодка) Joker Boat Clubman 28 - лодка в аренду - цены

Чартерные возможности: недельный чартер, чартер на день

450-500 €
чартер без экипажа или со шкипером
Залог. депозит:
1.500 €
Чартерная область

Сезонные цены на Joker Boat Clubman 28 - Сукосан - надувная лодка / РИБ (жёстко-надувная лодка)

цены в для сезона лодка/день

Доп. услуги
Заключитель. уборка:
100 € один раз за аренду (обязательно)
200 EUR/день (по желанию)
Cooling box:
10 € (по желанию)
20 € (по желанию)
Water ski:
20 € (по желанию)
20 € (по желанию)
Extra fridge:
40 € (по желанию)
SUP Red Paddle:
40 € (по желанию)

Дополнительная возможность к чартеру яхты
шноркель, водные лыжи, тренировка шкипера, вейкбординг, stand up paddle board

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Реклама / сервис

Оборудование надувная лодка - аренда Joker Boat Clubman 28 - аренда лодки

GPS, компас, морская карта, плоттер, сигнальный фонарь

аккумулятор, батарея стартера, вольтметр, зарядное устройство, индикация дифферента, корпус из стеклопластика, небольшой палубный бар, схема выключения аварийного стопа, управление двумя рукоятками, штурвальное управление

Палубное оборудование
кранеч, лестница для купания, навесной тент

трюмный насос электрический

электрический туалет, холодильник

Потребительская и офисная электроника

Другая информация
Joker Boat 28 + New Mercury Verado 200 Twin
On the footsteps of the already existing model, the new Joker Boat 28 represents the natural evolution of those concepts of elegance, comfort and uniqueness that have always identified this unit.
The deck layout has been reviewed to ameliorate the seats arrangement.
The wide stern sofa has a more comfortable reclining backrest that enlarges the available solarium surface.
The dinette area at stern can turn into a relaxing sunbathing area by the use of the wooden extension and cushion (a total surface of 2,6 mq with the OPT stern sundeck installed), or can be used as a living zone, thanks to the convenient teak table.
The driving bench has a new kind of bucket seat that results much more embracing, so perfect both for piloting and as a back support for the seats towards stern.
The console lines are more modern than the previous ones, even if the spirit and essence of the 8,5 mt Clubman is still visible.
A classy soul that can be recognized in the pronounced and appealing features that enhance the main characteristics of the unit, without misrepresenting its well-known image.
The helm station presents a handy layout, perfect to install all the navigation devices required by the end-customer.
The front area has a total sunbathing surface of 3 mq.
A comfy upholstered cushion, built-in the lines of the console, creates a convenient chaise longue integrated with the bow solarium.
The lower deck space reminds of the previous Clubman 28 layout and includes a marine toilet with hatch. Among the STD equipment: deck cushions, septic water tank, fuel tank (lt 400), shower (lt 120), stern platform with flexiteak covering, seastar hydraulic steering, electric winch.
The list of equipment is really rich: radio with 4 loudspeakers, stern additional sunbathing kit, bimini, a-frame, console and bench cover. The new Clubman 28 is the result of the wise evolution of all concepts and solutions that have always featured the Joker Boat 8,5m rib, a milestone in its category in matter of comfort and performance. The NEW Mercury Verado V6 Twin (400 HP) outboard engine is the winner of multiple international awards and compliments this boat exceptionally well. Fans of high-powered engines are guaranteed to be satisfied with its wide power band, responsiveness and speeds of up to 50 NM. The engine is equipped with the latest technology, allowing you to cruise at an optimal and fuel-efficient speed of 30 NM/h, with the engine’s fuel-consumption rate at approx. 1 lit/NM. The engine has been tested, is reliable and runs silently and confidently. The boat is suitable for water-skiing, tubing and visiting remote beaches. The Joker Boat Clubman 28 + Mercury Verado 200 Twin is ideal for those who long for something more. The boat has all the necessary permits and all the mandatory equipment. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AND ARRANGE RESERVATION FOR YOUR HOLIDAY
On your request the boat can be delivered to the selected location between Rab and Split
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Joker Boat Clubman 28 - информация без обязательств

Vrtinc Navtika d.o.o.
Vrtinc Navtika d.o.o.
Koprska 96
1000 Ljubljana
Мобильный телефон:
немецкий, английский, хорватский, словенский
10 лет с

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