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Rasker Sloop 7.1

powerboat / motor cabin boat, bareboat or with skipper, discount possible
length x beam: 7.10 m x 2.45 m, 7.10 x 2.45 m built: 2019, cabins: 1
boat/week: 700-1,260 €
discount possible
charter area: Thasos/Lemnos/Samothrace, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea
charter country: Greece, port: Keramoti
company: NorthSailing
boat/week: 700-1,260 €
discount possible, week charter
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Primatist G41

powerboat / motor yacht, with skipper, Bruno Abbate
length x beam: 12.49 m x 4.10 m, 12.49 x 4.10 m built: 2007, cabins: 2
boat/day: 700-1,200 €, boat/week: 4,500-6,500 €
charter area: Thasos/Lemnos/Samothrace, Aegean Sea, Northern Sporades ...
charter country: Greece, port: Kavala, Thasos, Neos Marmaras
company: Nivas Yachtcharter
boat/day: 700-1,200 €, boat/week: 4,500-6,500 €
week charter, day charter, weekend charter, short week charter, berth charter
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